Stretch-R'Bag - Military & Civilian

Stretch-R'Bag - Military & Civilian


The Stretch R' Bag is a Fast Deployment Emergency Use Stretcher.

S.P.E.E.D - Single Person Emergency Extraction Device

Designed by our highly experienced team, this 35 litre pack transforms in under 60 seconds into a rugged emergency stretcher.

Don't leave your kit behind! When you deploy the Stretch R' Bag all of your equipment will remain in the removable inner bag, fitted with shoulder straps, a lid and a storm collar.

8 Handles means you can spread the patients' weight between available personnel.

The perfect backpack for First Aid Personnel, Emergency Services, Hikers, Ramblers, Hunters, Film Crews and more. Carry the injured down from the mountain, out of the venue or off set to a safe treatment zone.

Large order customization options;

  • Zip off pouches
  • Lid pouch
  • Non-breathable
  • Breathable
  • Milspec


*Protac is not liable for injuries sustained during improper use of the system. *

* Not for use in the case of spinal injuries. The Stretch R' Bag is for use in emergency situations only*

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